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  • You asked and we answered, check out our Gtechniq FAQs!


    1. Of EXO, C1 and C2v3, which are considered sealants, which are considered coatings?

    In this industry a coating can be described as a product that once applied has a measurable thickness once applied and will produce a layer of protection that is usually quartz based to add scratch resistance. Sealants are more described as a thin, semi-permanent film that bonds with the paint to provide coverage of the pores in the paint and/or clearcoat. Sealants provide no scratch resistance but will retain gloss factor and help prevent dirt from bonding with the paint. Both coatings and sealants are known to provide water beading on the surfaces. With these definitions in mind, C1 is considered a quartz coating and C2v3 a sealant. EXO is more described as a Hybrid Coating because where as it does not provide scratch resistance, it has a more permanent bond, increasing durability.

    2. What does the dealer warranty cover against bird droppings, sap and tar?

    The dealer warranty covers any damage to the paint of the vehicle. Acid rain, corrosion from bird droppings, impressions from tree sap and/or tar.

    3. How do you know when the coating has worn off?

    C1 and EXO do not have a noticeable deterioration but there are ways to know that they are no longer on the surface. One way is if the vehicle is starting to oxidize. This means the pores are exposed and the coating is no longer present. As for EXO, even if water sheeting has slowed down, EXO will still maintain gloss retention.

    4. Once marine fiberglass has been polished down, will the coatings and sealants prevent oxidation? If oxidation occurs, how do you remove it?

    C1 and EXO can both be used to coat and seal marine fiberglass and gel-coats. These surfaces are very porous, so they must be polished down completely. It is also recommended that several coats of EXO are applied in order to saturate and fill pores. As for C1, two coats may be used if done as a standalone, otherwise stacking EXO over C1 is suggested in this application. Oxidation shouldn’t occur with a properly leveled and coated gel-coat surface. If oxidation does occur remove by re-buffing.

    5 . Once a surface is coated with C1, C4 or EXO, how do you remove it? How much clearcoat is removed during C1 removal?

    C1 is less than a micron thick and sits within the substrate. In a clearcoat, gel-coat, fiberglass, wheel or glass application, removal is done simply by polishing with a compound. Removing C4 from plastics and weather stripping can be done by using panel wipe.

    6. How much product do I need to use per vehicle?

    When using C1 approximately 20ml will be used on a standard 4dr sedan. In this same application about 10ml will be used in a full EXO application.

    7. Should panel wipe be diluted?

    Panel Wipe should not be diluted. Panel Wipe must be full strength in order to dissolve oils and carnuba fillers. Diluting could prevent the product from breaking these residues down. In a single stage application, use generous amounts to keep towel lubricated as it breaks down silicones. Then follow with a dry towel to gently buff away any hazing.

    8. Should C1 be panel wiped before applying EXO?

    No, using panel wipe on C1 prior to EXO could cause an adverse effect on the C1. If C1 becomes dusty between the stacking phases, simply air off the surface with a compressor. If the C1 has been driven and introduced to the elements, wash using a PH balanced soap and dry before applying EXO.

    9. Can C5 or EXO be used on polished exposed Aluminum?

    No. However painted or clear coated aluminum can be treated with C5 and Exo.

    10. Once opened what is the shelf life of C1? EXO?

    Once opened, shelf life of C1 in a room temperature setting, is approx. 1 year. Opened EXO will last 2 weeks in room temperature. To extend life of these products please store in a refrigerator. EXO will last 2 months once refrigerated. If C1 or EXO becomes expired it will become sticky and hard to apply and should be discarded.

    11. After EXO application I’ve noticed streaking. How is this fixed? Prevented?

    When applying and leveling EXO it is critical to make sure that all residue is rubbed into the paint. If the panel is not completely smoothed with a clean microfiber you will notice whitish streaks form. These are high spots of nano particles that were left behind. To remove, polish the panel with a finishing pad to level, then panel wipe and reapply EXO.

    12. Must I panel wipe before using C2v3?

    It is optimal to use panel wipe before applying any sealant as you will be bonding directly to the substrate. However, C2v3 can be applied on top of a freshly polished surface without issue. Make sure to apply wet in this situation. This will help to dissolve C2v3 into the paint with no streaking. Remember to always follow with a dry micro fiber towel to buff to a mirror finish.

    13. Can you apply coatings over clear bra? Which products are recommended?

    You may apply C1, EXO and C2v3 over clear bras. Since clear bra is very porous, make sure to stack at least 2 coats of EXO when sealing. NOTE: when panel wiping the film surface, use generous amounts to keep towel lubricated while the product breaks down silicones absorbed by the PPF.

     14. What is the dry time for Fabric and Leather treatments?

    When using I1 Smart Fabric and L1 Leather Guard, please allow 30mins cure time between applications. It is recommended to have a 3 hour cure time on either before being introduced to a wet environment.

    15. What is the dry time for Exterior coatings (EXO,C1, C5, C4)?

    All exterior quartz coatings such as C1, C5, C4, and G1 should cure for approx. 24hrs before being exposed to water. However, C1 can be stacked with EXO within 6 hours. EXO on the other hand needs 30mins between coats and can be exposed to water in approx 6 hours.

    16. Why is it beneficial to apply EXO on top of C1?

    C1 is recommended as a base coat providing scratch resistance and long gloss retention. To ensure cleanability such as bugs, tar and permanent water spotting, EXO is layered as a top coat. This provides the hydrophobicity needed for a non-stick surface. Lastly, the EXO layer adds additional gloss and depth to visual appearance of the paint.

    17. Will Iron-X or other degreasers remove or damage Gtechniq coatings?

    Yes, it could damage the coating, as will all high alkaline chemicals. It is recommended to use Gwash as a simple soap, which will remove all dirt.

    18. Is claying necessary after EXO treatment? Will claying damage the coatings?

    It is not necessary to clay after an EXO treatment. Simply wash with soap and water. Claying can create surface marring which would then need polishing.

    19. What chemical could be used to remove coatings?

    High alkaline degreasers will remove EXO if needed. To remove C1, use a compound and polisher to file down the surface to a bare clear coat.

    20. Does EXO protect paint from overspray?

    Overspray can be easily wiped off an EXO surface with Mineral Spirits. If this affects EXO beading, follow clean up with a fresh coat of EXO.

    21. C2v3 Streaking, how is it avoided?

    C2v3 is a thick sealant and in a non-diluted form it is recommended to apply with a damp rag or a wet car. For a dry application you may dilute C2v3 50/50 with pure water.

    22. Are towels re-usable after a C1 application?

    No, any towels and applicator pads should be discarded after use to prevent scratching of paint.

    23. Can Gtechniq products be applied to Matte finishes? Vinyl? Pinstriping and decals?

    C1, C2v3 and EXO can be applied to all surfaces and decals without affecting the look. These products are known to extend longevity of color, due to the UV inhibitor in the solution.

    24. Can coatings be applied over existing competitor coatings?

    All Gtechniq products can be applied over other Quartz coating systems without having to remove existing product first. If it is a carnuba or silicone based product which are less permanent, it must be removed so Gtechniq can bond properly.

    25. Can Gtechniq be used in non Auto/Marine applications?

    Gtechniq products are ideal for ALL surfaces in the home, office, and shop.

    26. How do I handle a C4 trim fix?

    If C4 needs to be re-applied or corrected, simply panel wipe the trim and apply over top. It is recommended that weather stripping and rubberized plastics are cleaned thoroughly before application of C4.

    27. Finishing polishes and Gtechniq products, are they compatible?

    All finishing polishes have silicone or oil in them and must be thoroughly panel wiped before application of Gtechniq products.

  • Gtechniq sponsors second annual Alden Sherman Classic in Weston, CT

    The Alden Sherman Classic car and motorcycle show celebrates its second year on Sunday, Sept. 22, from 10 to 3 at Weston High School on School Road. This community-driven event engages motoring enthusiasts of all ages to the benefit of the Weston Senior Activities Center.

    The Alden Sherman Classic showcases significant and unique automobiles and motorcycles spanning a more than 100-year history.

    Last year’s inaugural show featured more than 200 cars and motorcycles, drawing 1,000 attendees and raising $16,000 to fund programs at the Weston Senior Activities Center.

    This year’s event will also feature car club parking corrals, a silent auction, varied lunch offerings, and the public’s opportunity to vote for their favorite car and motorcycle with People’s Choice ballots.

    Alden Sherman is a beloved Weston car collector who tools around the area’s winding roads in a Bugatti, Amilcar, Jaguar, or Ferrari. Mr. Sherman is a sought-after participant in major regional shows and rallies. His youthful enthusiasm belies his 90-plus years, 70 of which he has spent collecting, racing and fixing cars.

    The Weston Senior Activities Center, beneficiary of funds raised by the car show, offers a broad array of programs and services to the town’s vibrant senior community, which makes up approximately 20% of Weston’s population.

    Sponsors of the the Alden Sherman Classic include Aqua Pool, Automotive Restorations Inc., BMW of Ridgefield, The Greens at Cannondale, GTechniq, Miller Motorcars, the Petty Family, Alden Sherman, Camelot Real Estate of Weston, Car Guy Nation, The Classic Car Gallery, CT Car Storage, Drivers Club of Lime Rock, Fairfield County Bank, Kettle Creek Insurance Inc., and Shields & Partners, among others.

  • Gtechniq NA welcomed our first Accredition Class on September 11th, the first of many!

    On September 11th, Gtechniq NA welcomed ten professional detailers from across the U.S. to our Wilton, CT studio for a two day Accreditation training event. The goal in mind; to provide extensive knowledge on all aspects of the Gtechniq product line while offering a hands on experience. The two day event included a product presentation of the Gtechniq line, validation of the participants paint correction knowledge and skills, instruction on the application process for all products within the line, and a marketing and sales seminar on how to drive business using Gtechniq products.

    We took the participants back in time, providing three rare antique vehicles to work on. The first, a 1938 Lincoln custom convertible coup V12 by Labarron. The second a 1939 Delage type D6 3Liter Racer, which had participated and won several LeMans events. Last but certainly not least, a 1937 Bugatti type 57 SC, reported to have been a personal car to Atori Bugatti. This class of top notch professionals did an amazing job paint correcting and Gtechniq coating these vehicles from top to bottom. For more photos check out our Facebook page and let us know how you think they came out!

    Dates for the next upcoming class will be available shortly. Interested? Inquire about registration today at

    Participants of Gtechniq NA's first accreditation class captured with the final results on the '39 Delage. Participants of Gtechniq NA's first accreditation class captured with the final results on the '39 Delage.
    1937 Bugatti type 57 SC coated with Gtechniq C1 and EXO.
    1938 Lincoln V12 Final results on 1938 Lincoln V12 treated by Gtechniq.
  • Gtechniq Sponsors 2013 Supreme Air Force One Detailing Team

    Detailers Use Gtechniq Liquid Crystal Coating on AFO at Seattle Museum of Flight

    WILTON, CT August 5, 2013 — Gtechniq North America is donating 15 gallons of their Gtechniq Liquid Crystal protective exterior coating to the Supreme Team of 33 high-end detailers, handpicked by Master Auto detailing connoisseur, Renny Doyle of Big Bear Lake, California’s Detailing Success, to detail and restore the shine on a paragon in American aviation history — the original presidential jet plane known as Air Force One at the Seattle Museum of Flight starting today through August 10. The team will use exclusively, Gtechniq Liquid Crystal coating on several other museum treasures they will be restoring in addition to AFO, including the sleek Boeing B-47 Stratojet bomber that guards the south entrance to the Museum.

    The AFO Boeing 707-120 SAM (Special Air Missions) 970 was a flying Oval Office for U.S. Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon; but now sits on the tarmac at the Museum of Flight, exposed to Seattle’s infamous climate and torrential rains for the past two years.

    The team, armed with cases of paint cleaners and polishes, a 5-pound Flex XC 3401 Dual Action Orbital polisher, and Liquid Crystal coating begin today with a week long process of cleaning, polishing, and protecting this piece of American history.

    AFO will be the 4,000th airplane Doyle has detailed in his illustrious 25+ years as a certified Master automotive and airplane detailer, and renowned detailing trainer. He says they will use over 2,000 microfiber towels, 1,000 terry cloth towels, some 2,000 feet of plastic sheeting, over 5,000 feet of extension cords, some 200 polishing pads, and gallons and gallons of cleaner and paint protective sealers this week.

    “This is a $100 million airplane,” says Doyle. “I consider Gtechniq Liquid Crystal the best professional-grade coating on the market today for this application and we thank Gtechniq North America for their donation to this pro bono project.”

    Gtechniq is a worldwide distributor of a full line of professional detailing products, but they are new to the U.S. market. “We are extremely honored to be selected as part of the AFO team that is perfecting and protecting one of our national treasures. Being selected as a new player to the US market is a testament to how exceptionally well this product performs,” says Gtechniq Chief Operating Officer, Rob Crowell.

    For more information on Gtechniq’s products, contact Rob Crowell at 203-529-4213.

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